Travel Marketing — 28 August 2011

As years pass, traveling has become more and more expense in Canada.  Airline tickets, cab fares and hotel prices seem to continue to go up. And if you’re traveling to a remote exotic location outside of Canada you can expect to pay way more. What If I told you there was a cheaper way to travel. You can still have the same vacation, but at a fraction of the cost. Below are two websites that allow you to maximize your vacation and travel experience without breaking your bank.

Airbnb is a global network that connects people who have spare to share with those who are looking for a place to stay. It allows users to host a place freely or book a place effortlessly with just a few clicks of a mouse.  This site allows guests and hosts to experience different cultures, build connections and establish real relationships with people from different backgrounds. The site allows you to find your desired destination space with the days you need it and it sends a request message to the host. Once the host accepts it, which is usually within 24 hrs, the place is booked and the address and other important information is given to you so that you can travel immediately. Tons of unique homes and apartments in 186 countries are listed on the website ranging from urban apartments to countryside castles. There are also numerous pictures and reviews for each place which makes it easier for the consumer to know what the place is going to be like when they arrive. This unique platform allows you to have an amazing experience at a one-of a kind place for fairly cheap.

Home Exchange

Home has the most home swapping listing online with 40,000+ listings in 144 countries. Home exchange is the vacation alternative where a vacationer can stay in someone else’s house while that person stays in their house.  It’s very inexpensive and an economical way to afford a luxury vacation. Another option, which is called the hospitality exchange allows travelers to host each other in their homes at designated times. Home exchange partners stay with them as guests and then go and stay with them as their guests. These two exchanges allow vacationers a unique, lifelong experience that doesn’t have to cost anything more than staying at home. These home exchange partners also receive the following:

  • Get a much closer look at other cultures. Get a “feel” for the places you visit
  • Establish connections with your home exchange partners which may turn into friendships
  • If you’re doing a home exchange, your home is being cared for while you’re away
  • Allow for more flexibility and freedom. You can prepare meals at home, and come and go as you please
  • Have a free place to stay
  • Have more privacy


These websites will help you achieve your dream vacation at an affordable price. Each site has its own unique features so you should try them both out to see which one fits your needs the best. Now what are you waiting for, go to these websites  and start planning the ultimate vacation.


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