Brochure Marketing — 13 March 2011
The Statistics Behind Brochure Distribution Success

For many years, brochures have proven to be a viable source of information for tourists and travelers looking for information during travel. Today, a great deal of marketing takes place online, but any business involved in the tourism and travel industry should invest in brochure distribution as part of their overall marketing strategy. The brochure’s attractive designs and general convenience lets businesses advertise themselves outside of the general market and potentially influence tourists’ pre-planned agendas.

A 2010 study by Bentley University professor Ian Cross produced a number of interesting results that further illuminate the effectiveness of brochures and brochure display stands. Of those individuals surveyed:

  • 75% considered brochures to be a useful information resource
  • 63% agree display stands with brochures help educate consumers about many activities available in a given area
  • 52% utilize local displays to learn about events and special deals
  • 51% believed brochure racks offer an easy way to obtain information
  • 40% of vacationers who read about a local attraction in a brochure subsequently considered changing their plans or possibly prolonging their trip

Though information is more readily available via the internet in today’s technological world, brochures have still proven themselves to be a vital part of the travel and tourism industries. Any travel-related business attempting to reach out to a greater audience outside of their normal market should certainly consider advertising their product or service through a brochure at a local display stand.

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