Brochure Marketing — 12 March 2011
The Brochure’s Influence on Travellers

A 2010 study performed by the Bentley University Center for Marketing Research in Massachusetts produced some interesting results regarding how visitors utilize information while planning trips to new locations as well as during their trip.  The study, which consisted of a survey of 1,700 travelers from 15 cities in a number of countries including Canada, the United States, Mexico, and various countries in Western Europe, yielded the following statistics about the visitors surveyed:

  • Approximately 40% of visitors utilized brochure information prior to their arrival at their intended destination
  • Alternatively, 75% took advantage of visitor information from brochures after their arrival at the destination
  • 70% learned about a business by reading a brochure
  • 70% agreed that their plans were strongly influenced by brochures
  • 60% thought about altering their travel plans once after reading a brochure
  • 40% of visitors decided to buy a product or service based on the information they obtained from a brochure
  • 70% sought information at brochure display stands
  • Meanwhile, only 30% used television, newspapers, and radio to obtain information

The Center for Marketing Technology serves as Bentley University’s primary resource for new marketing research and business-related projects, using highly advanced software techniques and marketing tools to help both large and small businesses solve real problems.  Their study clearly shows that brochures have a strong influence on tourists’ purchasing behavior, and with their simple design and high availability, brochures still beat out modern mobile internet technologies in the marketing realm when it comes to the travel and tourism industry.

If you’d like to learn more about these studies, view this video on IAPBDTV’s YouTube page.



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