Travel Marketing — 22 August 2011
How to market your business during a sporting event?


With Wimbledon now complete, the tennis world now shifts to North America for the summer hard court season. The next big tennis event will be the Rodger Cup. It brings the top 55 players in the world to play in Canada. Over the span of a little more than a week the top 25 women will play in Toronto while the top 30 men will play in Montreal. During this 10 day event fans will come to see great athletes sacrifice their bodies in order to make history. What does this mean for Canada companies; Big business?

Having a 10-day sporting event could lead to thousands of people attending this event each day. These thousands of travellers will need places to eat, drink and stay each day and night. While citizens flock to the metropolitan areas of Montreal and Toronto, businesses will be able to capitalize from these travellers. Here are a few strategies of how to promote your business during this time.

  • Host a pre or after match party at your place so fans can come in and eat, drink or socialize.
  • Increase marketing efforts: Have flyers and signs advertising food, drink and hotel specials
  • Broadcast the matches at your establishment for those individuals who cannot make it to a live match.
  • Sell tennis memorabilia at your establishment. This will appeal to a wider fan base and allow patrons to purchase items.

These ideas will help your business increase sales and capitalize on the thousands of tourists coming into town everyday. Since there are many matches it’s possible that there can be repeat business from these travellers. So remember customer service is very important!


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