Travel Marketing — 03 August 2011
How can Canada benefit from NFL tourism?

As we know the CFL has produced many superstars such as Doug Flutie and Warren Moon. As our players’ transition and go to the NFL we have a tendency to follow them throughout their career. As each American football season passes, more and more Canadians are continuing to follow the sport. Even the NFL realizes how much Canadian interest in American football can mean increased revenue….

Canadians have steadily started to watch and attend more NFL games, the teams that have benefited the most from this new found interest:

  • Green Bay Packers
  • New York Jets
  • New England Patriots
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Seattle Seahawks

As Canadian traffic going south into the US to watch NFL games increases, how can Canadian businesses profit?

With a growing number of fans, there comes and opportunity for Canadian companies to compete and increase sales. This is a nice niche market for businesses to get into that hasn’t been ventured into enough. To capitalize on the growing popularity of American football, here are a couple of suggestions for restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.

  • Broadcast both CFL and NFL games, to get those individuals who cannot make it to a live game.
  • Restaurants can cater to sports fans with football, player, and/or team specials.
  • Sell CFL and NFL memorabilia. Having these items would appeal to a bigger fan base and allow people to purchase gear before they head off to the game.
  • Offer hotel deals that compete with those across the boarder. You may find that NFL travellers will stay here and then go to the game of vice versa

This opportunity to reap the rewards of NFL travellers is particularly huge in neighboring border towns. These cities stand to gain the biggest revenue from travellers going to and from the United States and Canada.The more you know about NFL football, at home games for teams just over the boarder, game times, and statistics the more you will be able to market to those adventurous Canadian travellers.

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