B.C. Tourism — 27 August 2011
Fan Expo Canada brings potential big bucks for Canadian businesses!



Fan Expo Canada is back! The annual multigenre fan convention in Toronto, Canada is coming this weekend. The expo still features comic books, science fiction, fantasy, anime, video games and much more. It brings the classics along with the new forms of film and television entertainment. Running since 1994 the convention has now become the largest of its kind in Canada and the world. With an extra day being added to the convention this year, we can see a significant increase in attendees from the 60,000 patrons who attended last year. This increase in travellers can result in more millions being earned by Toronto’s travel businesses.

By the Fan Expo being extended one day, Canadian businesses can flourish tremendously. By the convention being a 4-day event now, patrons will need more places to stay and eat during this long weekend. This means more restaurants and hotels would benefit from the extended stays of fan expo attendees. This also means that businesses would have more competition amongst each other due to the influx of tourists and food vendors at the convention. To keep competitive and have people come into your business, here are some marketing  tips  you should follow:

  • Have special promotions on food and drinks. This is a great marketing tool that will entice guests to come in before and/or after the expo to have a bite to eat.
  • Offer discount rates to people who attend the Fan Expo Convention.
  • Sell anime and comic book gear to appeal to a wider audience. This will allow people to purchase gear before they head off to the convention
  • Host a party at your establishment of a popular comic book artist or video game release. This will allows fan to socialize with each other which could potentially lead them to ordering more food or drinks
  • Hold some sort of a costume contest with prizes  at your establishment. This will entice guests to come in as well.
  • Offer discount tickets to the Fan Expo Convention

All of these suggestions will help market your business during the Fan Expo Convention. These tips will allow you to reap the benefits from an increase of tourists and help your business grow. Implementing any of these tips effectively will  determine how much more of a profit you make.


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